Scottish Food Recipes & Tasting Notes

We’re a passionate bunch at Monteiths with a real flavour for freshly prepared, locally sourced Scottish food alongside great cocktails. Our team have curated a selection of great food & drink Scottish recipes for you to try at home. Hopefully these give you a taste of what we’re all about.

The Casanova Daisy

Monteiths is a popular venue for romantics, we’ve seen our fair share of first dates and red roses – to cement our position as a haunt for lovers, our bar team have created a delicious cocktail that’s brimming with passion.
Using the world’s first ever premium vodka – Belvedere – our team have crafted a delicious drink that is easy to make at home but best enjoyed in the romantic confines of Monteiths.
Named after historic philanderer, Giacoma Casanova, the drink is called “The Casanova Daisy” and is a real heartbreaker.

Casanova Daisy


25ml Belvedere
20ml St Germain
20ml Lemon Juice
12.5ml Pomegranate Syrup
dash egg white


Shake all ingredients before double straining into a chilled coup glass.

Drizzle Peychaud’s bitters into the shape of a heart to garnish.

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