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Recipe: Sailor Jerry Hot Buttered Rum No 2 | Monteiths Edinburgh

Scottish Food Recipes & Tasting Notes

We’re a passionate bunch at Monteiths with a real flavour for freshly prepared, locally sourced Scottish food alongside great cocktails. Our team have curated a selection of great food & drink Scottish recipes for you to try at home. Hopefully these give you a taste of what we’re all about.

Sailor Jerry Hot Buttered Rum No 2

Last year we shared our recipe for Hot Buttered Rum - this season we've updated it to pack even more of a punch. Although it’s been an unusually mild October we’re bracing ourselves for “the coldest winter in 100 years” if the newspapers are to be believed. It’s at this time of year that we start thinking about warm cocktails. It must be said that hot cocktails, flips and blazers are not for everyone but we absolutely love boozy hot drinks at this time of year. One of our favourites is Hot Buttered Rum made with Sailor Jerry. Again, hot buttered rum has it’s critics – David Embury, author of seminal cocktail tome “The Fine Art Of Mixing Drinks” suggests that “it blends … just about as well as warm olive oil blends with champagne” however other mixologists contend that a hot buttered rum is a wholesome and hearty drink perfectly suited to colder weather.

To make our drink we use both Sailor Jerry spiced rum and Gosling’s Black Seal – we add Innis & Gunn beer to give the drink depth and add a dash of bitters, a spoonful of maple syrup for sweetness and lengthen it with boiling water. The end result is a boozy warmer with a rich texture and deep flavour. This is ideal for long winter nights and has been described by more than one customer as a “hug in a glass”. We serve the drink straight up in a vintage teacup but you can use any mugs that you have to hand. Although the recipe below calls for a steam wand you can simply vigorously stir the drink in a pan over a medium heat once the boiling water is added to melt the butter…

Hot Buttered Rum

25ml Sailor Jerry Spiced rum

25ml Gosling's Black Seal rum

25ml Innis and Gunn Original beer

20ml water

1 teaspoon unsalted butter

10ml maple syrup

2 dash Angostura Bitters

Method: combine all ingredients in metal jug, steam with coffee machine steam wand until butter has melted










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