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Recipe: Ruby Martini | Monteiths Edinburgh

Scottish Food Recipes & Tasting Notes

We’re a passionate bunch at Monteiths with a real flavour for freshly prepared, locally sourced Scottish food alongside great cocktails. Our team have curated a selection of great food & drink Scottish recipes for you to try at home. Hopefully these give you a taste of what we’re all about.

Ruby Martini

The martini cocktail is one of the most popular classic cocktails and not just James Bond's favourite drink. Due to it's diveristy of the spirit that can be used, method in which it's made and desired flavour & finish it's a simple cocktail enjoyed in various ways. This flexibilty means cocktail bars around the world are awlays playing around with different approches and the Monteiths cocktail bar team are no different.

Our Ruby Martini take on the classic stays true to the simple nature but adds a nice fruity twist.


25ml Finlandia Grapefruit vodka

25ml Aperol aperitif

25ml lemon juice

1 heaped barspoon pink grapefruit marmalade

Glass: Martini

Garnish: Charred lemon wheel floated on liquid

Meth: Shake all ingredients with ice and double strain into chilled glass

The grapefruit adds a different flavour dimension to the straight up ccocktail and is perfect for the sunnier summer months ahead.


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